Frequently Asked Questions
and Troubleshooting Help


Get your InBody questions answered. Find answers to common questions, like ‘How do I upload a logo
to the InBody unit?’ and ‘How do I recalibrate the InBody?’

My InBody does not turn on
My touchsreen is inaccuate or not responsive
Does the InBody do wireless printing?
The result sheet is printing an error message about corrupted data.
How do I enable my Thermal Printer with the InBody 230?
How do I enable my Thermal Printer with the InBody 270?
How do I print multiple copies of a result sheet?
The test results on the result sheets are not aligned correctly.
The printer is not printing.
How do I setup/change my access code/password?
I forgot the password on my InBody unit.
InBody Shows Contact Customer Serivce
Weight measuring does not start
During InBody test, contact/posture errors
How long does an InBody Test take?
My device won't find my internet router​
My device has found the internet router, but won't connect ​
I have connected my InBody to WiFi, but I cannot connect to the cloud service ​
I am setup and registered on LBWeb but I can't find my members results sheet. ​
My InBody test results don’t appear in my app.​
I have missing information from my results sheets. How do I customise the r/h column outputs?​
A users history on their results sheet isnt displaying correctly or not displaying all historical tests.
How can I transfer my InBody data into Lookin’Body 120 software?​
How can I transfer my InBody data into Lookin’Body Web?
How do I export my InBody data into an MS Excel format?
I have 2 InBody units of the same model. Can I combine the data in one device?
I have 2, different model, InBody devices. Can I combine the data in one device?
I want to view my InBody data on my PPC or Laptop, is this possible?
How to install InBody Dial?
During taking InBody test, POSE OR SOOA is shown.
The results on my InBody Dial are different to the InBody 270 in my fitness club. I found there is a large difference. So, is the Dial accurate?
I took InBody test both InBody Band2 and InBody270 in my fitness club. I found there are hugh gap. So, Dial is not correct?
Posture to take InBody test
How to turn off my InBody Band 2?
How to set the time in InBody Band 2?
I want to change my weight value.
My friend wants to take an InBody test with my InBody Band 2. Is it possible?
I lost my InBody Band 2. What should I do?
How does the InBody Band 2 mearsure my steps?
The step don't seem to be counting?
Will band 2 count my steps when I am driving or Cycling?
During an InBody test i get a 'try again' message
When I charge InBody Band 2 fully, how long can I use it?
Specification of battery
Is my InBody band 2 Waterproof?
I want to remove my InBody data.
Scanning my QR code doesn't seem to work?​
I cannot get my InBody test data after taking test in my fitness club.
I cannot see my InBody results sheet on my app as a printed Inbody results sheet.
Some of the parameters are missing on my app.
Why use an InBody Tissue before testing?
Who are not recommended to take an InBody test?
Can the InBody test people with prosthetic limbs?
What factors can affect the accuracy of my test results?
Will I feel the electrical currents during the test?
Are there any height, weight, or age restrictions for the InBody Test?
How is the InBody Score calculated?
Why should I stand upright during the test?
Can I operate an InBody device without any special training?
Why do I need to remove my shoes and socks for the test?
Can I take an InBody test when I'm pregnant?
How often can you take an InBody Test?
What is principle of InBody Test?
Why do we should take InBody test, not just take weight scale?
How are InBody units accuracy?
What is the tolerance of InBody results?
What is pre-cautioniary steps for InBody test?
I took the test both InBody and other brand body composition analyzer. There are a lot of differences on results sheet
I took InBody test in the morning and in this afternoon. There are a lot of differences on results sheets
When I take InBody test each time, the results show me differently. I cannot trust the results.
What is the ideal period measuring InBody test?
What can I use to disinfect the InBody?
Do I really need to keep the original box and padding?
What is the life expectancy of an InBody device?
How often do I need to calibrate the device?



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